Wake Up Wednesday September 18th, 2013


Hailey- Hi, I’m Hailey Asmus

Madisen- And I’m Madisen Asmus

Pete- And I’m Pete Asmus

Hailey and Madisen- And today is our Dad’s Birthday!!!

Pete- No (laughs) Yes, it is my Birthday but what else is today?

Hailey and Madisen- It’s ummmmm

Pete- (laughs)

Hailey and Madisen- It’s Wake Up Wednesday!

Pete-  That’s right and what does THAT mean?

Hailey and Madisen-  Wake Up and Live Your Life!

Pete- That’s right! Wake Up and Live Your Life right?! High Five!

Hailey and Madisen- Ya!

Pete- Good Job

Hailey- And it’s our Dad’s Original Birthday

Pete- (Laughs) My original Birthday? As opposed to the fake one I have every year, is that what you mean?

Hailey and Madisen- Ya

Pete- Ya, ok! Well, look, today is Wake Up Wednesday right? Today is wake up and life your life. Wake up and do SOMETHING!  Look, there are so many times  that you put things off, you put things off, you put things off. Today is the day that you stop putting it off.  Take some kind of action to move towards that goal, alright? And guys, go make SOMETHING happen! At the end of the day, it’s all about you. What do you want to do alright? There are so many times that you can become your own road block, that you can become your own objection instead of creating your own path to where you want to go. Right? So many times we want to look at all the reasons things wont work. So many times we want to look at all the things that could go wrong. Instead of looking at the reasons it will work. Instead of focusing on the ONE reason that you CAN do it! Look, today just focus on the one! The one reason that you can do ANYTHING! The one reason that you can do it! Don’t look at all the reasons that don’t work! Don’t, I don’t want you to look at any of those! All I want you to do is focus, um, on the one reason that does work. Alright? And with that said, One last thing…..

Hailey and Madisen- Let go, let’s go, let go, let’s go, let go, let’s go! We’re going to dance until you get your first deal! Like us on Facebook and YouTube! Go make SOMETHING Happen! Bye!!!!!!

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